Custom flooring

Customized interlocking floors

When we talk about interlocking pavers, the recurring image in people’s minds is the classic gray or red brick. Thanks to many years of experience, RECORD is able to offer the possibility of combining a large variety of shapes, sizes, colors and finishes for its products, thus making it possible to design highly customizable spaces.

Whatever the performance and aesthetic needs required, we are able to create the tailor-made flooring most suited to the client’s requests.

Quality and high performance in materials,
wide range of products and colours


Quality and excellence

All our interlocking pavers guarantee excellent performance as they enjoy the following characteristics:

  • Resistant to atmospheric and chemical agents
  • Long-lasting: they can last up to 50 years!
  • Ecological, as they are cold-produced, limiting CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and they are 100% recyclable at the end of their life
  • Can be laid dry: this particular installation method allows you to avoid introducing polluting fumes into the air, and is particularly economical
  • Walkable as soon as installation is finished: they do not require drying times and the flooring is immediately ready for use
  • Permeable:our draining pavers safeguard the environment by filtering the water in the aquifers and avoiding the formation of annoying puddles
  • Antifreeze: the particular porous structure allows water to be dispersed, preventing the paver from freezing
  • They break down the heat island: their porous structure allows heat to be dispersed. In particular, if the flooring has a light colour, you can notice a reduction in temperature of up to -30° compared to other types of surfaces
  • They reduce costs: thanks to the possibility of removing and replacing individual pieces, our floors require very low maintenance costs and allow easy access to underground services, without the need for demolition.

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