Urban area in Magherno

In Magherno, in the province of Pavia, the requalification works of the urban area which includes the central Via Roma, Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII and the new Piazza Aldo Marenzi, have been completed, transforming it into a pedestrian area.

These works, which are part of a large recovery plan for the historic center wanted by the Amato administration with a total investment of around 700 thousand euros, involved the installation of 5,000 sqm of RECORD interlocking pavers for external floors.

In particular, for the areas with heavy traffic, the administration chose to use CASSIA Natura flooring in the Mix Luserna color and CASSIA Natura in the Credaro color for the pedestrian ones. The two versions of the same product make it possible to respond to different load stresses and, at the same time, to highlight and visually differentiate the areas intended for car transit from those predominantly cycle-pedestrian.

«For the project of the new square in Magherno, a focal point for our community, we needed to use products that not only guaranteed a high aesthetic result, but, above all, the durability of our work over time» declares Giovanni Amato, mayor of Magherno «this is why the choice of flooring fell on the RECORD brand: in addition to being materials of the highest quality and resistance, also ideal for the passage of heavy vehicles such as buses or trucks, the choice to use self-locking blocks allows us to foresee future interventions on underground utilities of the squares without the need to replace the paving, but simply through its removal and subsequent repositioning. Thanks to this choice, our meeting spaces will be able to remain well-kept and unchanged over time.»

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