100% permeable

Draining floors

The urban development led, in recent years, to a significant decrease of permeable areas.
In order to contribute to the solution of this problem, RECORD has studied and produced a series of draining floors, accompanied by a declaration of 100% permeability, which bring some important advantages such as:

Groundwater maintenance

Reduction of puddles

Environmental well-being

Better management of rainwater

Types and characteristics

Discover RECORD’s draining floors

As well as natural lawn surfaces, RECORD draining floors they allow rainwater to be absorbed into the ground.

Each product has been developed with the aim of providing solutions that meet different needs in different ways, whether they relate to load resistance, the percentage of greenery or the surface uniformity required for pedestrian and cycle paths.

Find out which solid wood is ideal for your next 100% permeable floor.

Laboratory tests

Permeability tests

RECORD has carried out permeability tests in laboratories for each product of the draining line.

The results of these tests demonstrated that for all RECORD drainage products all the simulated rainfall was drained: therefore they can be considered 100% permeable.

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