Renova floors

Mangiasmog® technology

Renova floors by RECORD® are characterized by a special mixture capable of absorbing pollutants present in the air and then releasing them in the form of new purified particles.

For this reason they represent an active and certified solution for reducing pollution and the ideal choice for the creation of urban spaces in which traffic and climate change have a significant impact on carbon dioxide emissions into the environment.

Advantages of Renova floors

The specific Renova mixture, containing Titanium Dioxide with photocatalytic action, disintegrates fine dust, nitrogen, carbon and sulfur oxides (generated in urban environments by car exhausts and heating systems) into harmless substances for health and the environment.

Choosing Renova floors brings multiple advantages from the point of view of reducing the impact on the environment and improving air quality.

Thanks to titanium dioxide, it accelerates the oxidation reactions of pollutants.
The decomposition of substances containing sulfur and nitrogen prevents the formation of mold and bad odors.
It has an effective action against bacteria and fungi that can attack surfaces.

Laboratory tests

The photocatalytic action of Renova has been tested in the laboratory with C.N.R. approved equipment.

The test results showed a reduction of the polluting agent NOx (nitrogen oxides) of more than 80%.

Open field tests

The effectiveness of photocatalytic binders in reducing nitrogen oxides present in the environment was also measured in the open field through monitoring for over 1000 hours in various projects with Renova flooring.

The results obtained, although they differ slightly from those found in the laboratory due to the influence of atmospheric agents and different environmental and geographical conditions, are notable.

The reduction of polluting substances was significant for all the main substances and for mold and bacteria (field test carried out on photocatalytic flooring by ARPA and C.N.R.).

Inquinanti% Abbattimento
P.M. Polveri sottili-47%
Aldeidi totali-64%
Lieviti e muffe-44%

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