Lotte Park – Corea del Sud

195 containers containing 30.000 square meters of flooring signed RECORD: these are the numbers that were necessary for the supply of Lotte World Adventure, the largest theme park in South Korea, located in Busan.

«This is one of the most important projects that we have developed in recent years, thanks also to the presence of our representation in Seoul, where we have a showroom with some of our most distinctive products» explain Guido and Lorella Bagattini, CEOs of the BAGATTINI company, owner of the RECORD brand.

The project development started in 2018 with Lotte Group, South Korea’s main player specialized in theme parks and resorts.

«Lotte is one of Asia’s most celebrated names in family entertainment», says Yaeli Chung, CEO of the company, «and Lotte World Adventure will not only be a success, but also a symbol of joy and happiness for the generations to come».

The design idea behind the park is to transport guests into the charm of a magical garden. In order to pursue this goal, the design of each setting has been studied in detail and no less than six different types of RECORD flooring have been chosen – one for each of the six thematic areas inspired by different elements of nature – in order to make every context fascinating and attractive.

Custom made flooring

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