Le Cornelle wildlife park

In Valmbrembo, in the province of Bergamo, RECORD signs the flooring for the Savana thematic area of Le Cornelle wildlife park. Animals and tourists find themselves immersed in a habitat that is a faithful reproduction of the Central African environment.

Le Cornelle wildlife park moves away from the usual concept of a simple zoo to concretely contribute to the protection and safeguarding of animal species. The Park actively participates in the EEP (European Endangered Programme), an organizational network that studies and monitors every specimen, every birth of the species at risk, involving all the Wildlife Parks in the world, connecting them and engaging them in reproduction, study and exchange programs that save a species or at least suspend its extinction.

For this purpose, various new structures have been created, among which we find the new Savana environment: an exhibit that reproduces the natural habitat for the species that will be hosted.
The Savana, in addition to being designed for animal welfare, allows better observation for the visitor, giving the sensation of being truly immersed in the natural habitat in contact with the animals.

After four months of work and around 40 people involved including designers, set designers, botanists and industry experts, the structure has achieved the highest European standards for the protection and well-being of protected species.

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