What is LEED® rating

The system is based on credits for each building sustainability features.
The sum of credits determines the level of certification obtained.
Certification is voluntary and not mandatory.
The LEED® rating system has gradually spread internationally; projects registered for LEED® certification have been implemented in more than 160 countries worldwide.
LEED® protocols are an authoritative and universally recognized system for the certification of buildings designed, constructed and managed in a sustainable and efficient manner.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

It’s a rating-based system for environmental and energetical quality that rewards design and building choices for higher performances ‘green’ buildings.


  • Maintenance of thermo-hygrometric comfort of buildings and the environment.
  • Lower environmental impact of products and buildings (during production, transport and construction and re-use).
  • RECORD products can guarantee:
  • Less consumption of natural resources (raw materials and water).
  • Lower energy consumption (transport or air conditioning).
  • Decrease of atmospheric pollution.

The RECORD Research and Development office promotes the study and implementation of products that bring effective and measurable benefits to customers, end users and the environment.
To date, the LEED® rating system represents the best rating protocol for eco-sustainability characteristics of buildings and defines the criteria for evaluating products, guaranteeing a higher market value for more virtuous buildings.

Although LEED® certificate is for building, the use of products that comply with LEED® requirements is crucial.
RECORD offers high-profile products useful to obtain LEED® credits
for building projects in four main areas.

Materials and resources - MA

Credits up to 9 points

All RECORD products:

  • are eusables
  • are recyclables
  • are made with regional raw materials.

Sustainable sites - SS and water efficiency -WE        

Up to 5 credits
Water management features

maintenance of the water table, preserving it
mitigation of summer heat well-being of plants and less water consumption.

Applicable for:
DRENANTI and DRENOPAV finishes and for the retaining walls.


Sustainable sites - SS

Up to 2 credits
Characteristics of very high reflectance (SRI)

Reduction of the “heat-island effect”:
The ALBEDO finish allows to reduce the heating of the surfaces paved on the ground, roofs and terraces.

Applicable for:
All sizes and finishes of PAVERS and SLABS
in some specific colors Albedo certified.


Innovation - IN

Up to 5 credits
Innovation characteristics

they cut down pollutants naturally thanks to the use of photocatalytic cement (Renova®). The Renova finish allows to break down the polluting substances present in the atmosphere.

Applicable for:
All sizes and finishes of MASSELLI and SHEETS in some specific renova-certified colors.

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