Selciati Drenopav

Finish Drenanti

Composed of 7 elements, SELCIATI is the flooring that recalls the slab in running stone, particularly suitable for heavy loads. In the DRENOPAV finish, the colors become more vivid and the flooring becomes 100% permeable, guaranteeing environmental well-being.

10/15/20/25-30/40x19 cm
10 cm
~215 kg/m2
7,20 m2
  • Proprietà di drenanza 100%
  • Proprietà di drenanza 100%
  • Altissima durabilità al gelo
  • Alta resistenza all’abrasione
  • Altissima resistenza a scivolamento e sdrucciolio
  • Posability with mechanical means
  • Carrabile medio

Colori disponibili

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